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FILSON – Alaskan Guide Shirt

155,00  129,00 

The iconic Alaskan Guide Shirt

Dark Heather Gray
Midnight Black
Size Guide

Shirts, vests and outerwear

Measurements (cm)XSSMLXL2XL3XL
Neck34,3 - 35,636,8 - 38,139,4 - 40,641,9 - 43,244,5 - 45,745,7 - 4747 - 48,3
SIZES XL´s Our XL sizes are for you if regular size shirts fit across the chest and shoulders, but body length and sleeves are often too short. XL body length: 3.8 cm longer than normal length (sizes M-XXL) Sleeve length XL: 3.8 cm longer than regular length (Sizes M-XXL)

Pants and shorts

Measurements (cm)XSSMLXL2XL3XL
LEG Measure from the junction of the crotch seams to the ankle.

How to measure?

  1. Head Measure the circumference above his forehead line.
  2. Neck Measure the circumference of the base of your neck by adding a finger between the tape and your neck for a precise fit.
  3. Sleeves Place your hand on your hip with your arm bent at 90 degrees. Measure from the middle of the back of the neck, through the shoulder to the wrist.
  4. Chest Measure the widest part of your body at the height of the chest.
  5. Waist Measure the circumference at the height of the "belt", and add a finger between the tape measure and the Waist to ensure a precise fit.
  6. Hip Measure across the widest part of your hips and add a finger between the tape measure and your hips to ensure a precise fit.
  7. Gloves Length: With an open hand, measure from the tip of the middle finger to the crease at the base of the palm. Width: With your hand open, measure thecircumference of your dominant hand just below your fingers.
  8. Belts The Waist measurement that we provide is for the central hole of the belt. You can measure any pants you have to have an exact reference of your measurement.
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